How We Charge

How We Charge
Charging by the hour, letter, telephone call or meeting is impractical, outdated and does not fit with modern business practice.

Unless specifically requested by a client to do so, we do not charge hourly rates.

Transparent Fee Structure
We know that businesses need surety in terms of their outgoings in order to forecast accurately and plan for the future.

Fixed Fees and Retainers
We offer clear billing options in the form of a fixed fees for a specific project, or a retainer fee for legal advice provided on an on-going basis.

The Employment Team at Greenaway Scott act for employers defending against claims brought against them by employees at the Employment Tribunal.

The cost of providing a legal defence will vary widely depending on the nature of the claim, such as discrimination claims which can drastically increase the cost of the defence.

Our fees in defending an unfair or wrongful dismissal claim is likely to cost between £3,000 and £12,000 depending on various factors. This is the cost Greenaway Scott will charge for the provision of legal services and does not include any additional costs such as our Charges, any disbursements, cost of obtaining expert reports or the cost of instructing a barrister to act on the employers behalf at tribunal.

Factors affecting the cost of our fees include:

  • Complexity of the issues
  • How many allegations are raised in respect of the claim/s
  • How many hearings are listed such as a Preliminary Hearing, Pre-Hearing Review and Full Merits Hearing
  • How many days the Full Merits Hearing is listed for
  • Preliminary issues such as employee status
  • Multiple Claimants
  • How many witnesses are needed to be called
  • Whether a conference is necessary
  • Status of the Claimant
  • Whether an appeal is issued to the Employment Appeal Tribunal

Barristers fees will be a big consideration when looking at the cost of defending a claim and typically range from £1500 to £8,000 in straightforward unfair or wrongful dismissal claims.

Employers may be covered for defence of employment claims under business insurance policies. All employers should contact their insurers to ask whether they benefit from this assistance before instructing any solicitors / other legal counsel.