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Intellectual Property

Trademarks, design rights, copyright and intellectual property protection form a key component in a growing number of businesses. Greenaway Scott has in-depth knowledge of these areas and provides practical and pragmatic advice accordingly.

In particular, businesses that hold patents integrated into their services and products will be aware of the risks of losing their unique selling point as a result of competitors copying or imitating their patented product/process. The team at Greenaway Scott is able to provide clients with peace of mind in respect of the protection of their Intellectual Property by ensuring the relevant agreements, including but not limited to confidentiality agreements, are entered into and that licence and other supply agreements include the requisite clauses protecting Intellectual Property.

Brand identity and protection are other key areas to consider when growing and expanding your business. Greenaway Scott has extensive experience in assisting our clients to create strong trademark portfolios.

Our clients receive regular updates from us on matters of legal significance that may be of benefit to their business. One recent example of this is the application of Patent Box legislation. Opting into the Patent Box scheme enables certain companies to apply a reduced rate of corporation tax, from 23% to 10%, on profits attributable to qualifying patented inventions. A company may benefit from the Patent Box scheme if it owns patents (or exclusively licenses patents) granted by the European Patent Office or the Intellectual Property Office. The team at Greenway Scott will ensure that all existing and future licence agreements relating to your patented inventions take full advantage of the reduced rate of corporation tax available under the Patent Box legislation.