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Commercial & Contracts

The Commercial team has expertise in drafting bespoke agreements tailored to the needs of their clients. The team covers a wide variety of agreements ranging from terms and conditions, master services agreements, non-disclosure agreements, licence agreements, distribution agreements, supply of goods and services agreements, and franchise agreements. 

Advising effectively on the terms of these agreements requires sector specific knowledge, focus and commercial understanding. All members of the Commercial team have science or maths degrees in addition to legal qualifications. This enables us to integrate effectively with our technology-based clients and to understand the nature of their businesses.

A unique aspect of our fee structure is the retainer service. Greenaway Scott offers an “In-House” style legal retainer service on a monthly fixed fee basis. In addition to the team being available “on demand” each month to provide legal support, the retainer service also includes a member of the Commercial team working on-site at our clients’ offices to become familiar with the team and the commercial rationale driving the business.

The cost of the retainer is fixed and does not fluctuate depending on the amount of work completed (subject to a fair use policy). Our clients find this arrangement to be particularly advantageous as it encourages open communication and immediate access to our team, without the worry of mounting legal fees clocking up every time they pick up the phone. In employing this structure, Greenaway Scott is able to add value to our clients’ companies.